Keto Electrolytes 90 capsules

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Drastic reduction of carbohydrates on the ketogenic or low-carb diet causes your electrolytes to behave differently within your body. Electrolytes are essential to your body’s cellular and organ function. 

Switching from using glucose as fuel, to utilizing fat and ketones as a source of energy causes your body to release less insulin. In turn, your kidneys are working overtime to excrete more sodium. This process impacts your electrolyte balance, and may manifest itself as the commonly-known “keto flu”. 

BeKeto™ Ketolytes is an effective electrolyte replenisher in battling “keto flu” symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, muscle aches, overall irritability and difficulty focusing. 

It consists of sodium, the most important electrolyte which supports nerve function, blood volume and pressure; calcium, responsible for healthy bone formation and normal enzyme function; magnesium, which is a key electrolyte in DNA and RNA synthesis, as well as protein synthesis and muscle contraction; potassium, which supports cardiovascular health and blood regulation processes, as well as zinc and l-leucine necessary for wound healing and muscle recovery. 

Whether you are a ketogenic newbie, or you are already fat-adapted this is a must-have for all low-carb enthusiasts! 

When to use:

  • During keto-flu to relieve unwanted symptoms
  • Sip throughout the day to replenish minerals
  • After exercise to speed-up recovery 

How to use:

  • Mix it into room-temperature or iced water
  • Add a scoop (or two) to your beverage and increase gradually