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Instagram: @ketofit45

Hi As per your request, please find below my story and transformation photos.

I realised I needed to make a change to my carb filled diet during the summer of 2018 whilst on holiday in Majorca. Carbs for every meal I was getting an unsettled stomach on a regular basis.

I always liked to work out and did so a couple of times a week but as the rule goes “You can’t out train a bad diet” so I started gaining fat, especially around my mid section. Combine that with a sedentary career and physique was struck in a skinny/fat limbo.

One day I was trawling through Netflix and I stumbled across a documentary called “the magic pill’ in which the focus was a Ketogenic diet and lifestyle and that changed everything. I found myself seeking out more and more info on YouTube and Instagram and haven’t looked back since.

I did the same workout routines P90x3 mainly but cut out the refined carbs and sugars and the fat just dropped off me.

At my heaviest I was 182 lbs, I’m now 157 lbs and with a lot more muscle mass. All thanks to Keto and p90x3.

Adam @ketofit45







I started keto in April of 2018 after seeing this picture. I was pushing 230 lbs and was not happy with what i saw or how i felt. I read up and learned about keto in hopes to just feel better and not so weighed down. I jumped right in and didn’t look back. In May of 2019, I did a 30 day carnivore challenge and was all over it! 

By the end of the 30 days I noticed I was suffering from zero digestive issues, zero stomach aches, no running trips to the bathroom.  When I was doing keto, I was eating a lot of greens and salads because that’s what I thought you were supposed to do, but my stomach did not agree with those at all! I thought it was because I was illuminating other foods, but after the carnivore challenge I realize it was all the greens and oxalates. 
Since keto and now carnivore, I follow intermittent fasting everyday and incorporate 2 extended fasts  every month. Fortunately, I haven’t been sick at all. Maybe a small cold, but that’s it. I have not had to take any form of pain relievers, aspirin, anything since April 2018.


Instagram: @KETOROCS 

Javian Rafus - at the age of 41 I’ve tried every diet from the Mediterranean, Paleo, Atkins, and the Tim Ferris diet, but nothing gave me the weight loss gains like following a ketogenic life style. I lost 55lbs in 4 months and became a certified keto coach in the process. Keto saved my life from addiction and depression and now I devote my time to helping others live a healthier lifestyle .






Instagram: @ANAFG28

It's not a huge change as many you can find from another #ketoperson around here but for me IT IS A BIG DEAL...
after fighting with my weight so many years/ having a bypass surgery with an horrible recovery & also gain a lot of those lost pounds...
You will fınd your way, just DON'T GIVE UP. Iam not going to.




On the left I was 200lbs and dealing with depression, anxiety, gut distress, arthritis, and a slew of autoimmune conditions. Also as an epileptic I was suffering from daily seizures. Once I found the keto/carnivore lifestyle this quickly fell to wasteside! Now at 120lbs I have a ton of energy, I have been seizure free for 2 plus years and have the physique that I always desired! As I always say, CHANGE IS POSSIBLE! You just have to Stay FOCUSED, Stay MOTIVATED and Stay DETERMINED!



My name is Lexie, I’m a wife, a soon to be mother of 2 boys, and a Food Lover! My husband & I started Low Carb in April 2019 after seeing photos of ourselves at a family event. We were embarrassed and ashamed that we had allowed ourselves to get so out of touch with our health and our weight. We kept telling ourselves “six months from now we will thank ourselves for taking the first step”. We had a goal to be down 30lbs each by 6 months, little did we know in just 4 short months the both of us would be down 50lbs-60lbs. 
Low carb has changed our lives, we ENJOY the lifestyle we’ve created for ourselves! I’m now in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy and still loving the low carb life! The problem I had in my first pregnancy are no longer affecting me, no bloating, no swelling, I actually have a lot of energy, I’m not hungry 24/7 and my confidence is through the roof!
We now play outside with our son (who seems to have enough energy for the both of us lol) We both go to the gym 3 or more times a week and are just all around enjoying love more than ever!




And my story is:

Hi, I’m Emma from the US! I started the ketogenic because frankly - I tried everything else and it just was not sustainable for me. I was always able to lose weight but not able to sustain it. Keto is the ONLY lifestyle where I have been able to lose almost 70 pounds in 1 year and keep it off! I still have about 25 or so pounds to go, and I can’t wait until I reach me goal. I have so much more energy and stamina since switching my diet over.

It honestly was the best decision I’ve made!




Instagram: @_FITNBUSY

Hi! My name is Will Canavan, I’ve been doing keto since 2015, and never once took it seriously. I would be off an on constantly and never truly saw results. Until I decided to commit in October 2019. I went as strict as I could until I made the switch to carnivore in January. I’ve never looked back. I use keto snacks every now and then to satisfy any sweet cravings I have along my journey. Stay consistent! 1% everyday really does add up. I’ve fallen in love with this lifestyle and how I feel both physically and mentally. I love it so much, I decided to start @_fitnbusy to help as many people as possible get in the best shapes of their lives and feel like they’re at their best. If you’re thinking about making the change, I encourage you to do it, you will NOT regret it! 💪🏻 Be sure to check out my page, I love talking about weight loss journeys, and meeting new people! ✅