Keto Chocolate Almond + MCT Oil 90G

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Beginnings don’t always have to be so difficult and we want to make sure your ketogenic or low-carb lifestyle is as sustainable as possible. 

Whether you are craving chocolate or having a sweet-tooth, we created this BeKeto™ Keto Chocolate + MCT Oil with the lowest net carb count in the world! 

Infused with MCT oil, a medium chain triglyceride fatty-acid that bypasses regular digestion processes and transforms directly into ketone bodies, you can satisfy your appetite and supercharge your energy levels. 

Cocoa found in chocolate contains naturally occurring antioxidants such as polyphenols and flavanols, to help you maximize your brain function and improve cognition. 

With no added sugar and the lowest net carb count on the market, BeKeto™ Keto Chocolate + MCT Oil does not cause insulin spikes and helps you maintain healthy blood sugar levels. So indulge, but don’t overdo it - it’s addicting. 

Try not to exceed a serving size of ⅓ bar per whole day! 

When to use:

  • Whenever you are having a sweet tooth
  • To increase energy and satisfy your cravings during the day
  • As a ketogenic or a low-carb dessert treat 

How to use:

  • Eat a piece (or two) by itself
  • Add to ketogenic and low-carb desserts
  • Use in baking and cooking